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why organic farming?

Since 1930 organic agriculture model has been applicable in many countries. The leading countries in organic agriculture are Denmark, England and Switzerland in Europe. Many people prefer organic products in ABD, Canada, Australia, Japan and European Union countries.

The organic production in Turkey had exported for many years. But, Turkish consumers start to prefer organic products latterly. Why is this tending to organic product increasing?

• For Healthy Life:

In organic agriculture chemicals or agriculture drugs are not used through the production, harvesting, cropping, processing, packaging, labeling, conservation, storing, transportation and all procedure until arriving consumer.

The organic production lands must be far from traditionally production areas, much used main streets, heavy industry institutions, mine workings and rivers and underground water which have waste faecal matter.

• More delicious eating
Scientists now know what we eaters have known all along: organic food often tastes better because chemicals are not used in production process. Every product is cultivated in its suitable season.

• To protect nature and environment
In stead of the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics or gene manipulation, organic farmers use natural and innovative methods to reduce impact on the environment.

• Why Ecologic Agriculture?

ETO Ecologic Agriculture Organization put in order benefits preferring ecologic products below:
- Protect future generation,
- Keep chemicals out of the people, nature, and animals,
- Provide soil productivity with natural ways for long term considering ecological conditions,
- Prevent from soil and genetic erosion,
- Protect water resources and quality,
- Using renewable energy sources and having energy saving,
- Protect workers health in manufacturer and agricultural business,
- Protect safety of small-size farmers through production circle or increasing income level,
- Having healthy and high nutrition quality product.





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