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Elhamra Import & Export

Elhamra Import & Export which opened central office in Istanbul in 2004 is established for developing trade capacity with Gulf Countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman) and its activities continue in this direction.

Export Activities

Elhamra Import & Export chooses Saudi Arabia which is very important market in Gulf Countries as preferential target. Its activities is very much with this country.

Our company started its activity in cosmetic sector and carried out regional distributing agent to Docteur Renaud Paris for a long time.

Our company also carried out agent for Şila diapers and wet tissues and exported this products.

Elhamra Import & Export participated in Dubai Cosmetic Fair which is very important fair in Gulf region and introduced Turkish cosmetic production in this fair.

Our company also carried out being the holder of a franchise Ender chocolates which is very important and old brand in Turkey. It exported this firm's products to Saudi Arabia for many times.

Import Activities


Elhamra Import & Export wishes to represent all experience with Gulf Countries as good service to Turkish markets.

Nowadays ecological balance of the world goes wrong, a conscious consumer tends to consume organic products and especially organic food.

Our company put signature to the biggest organic agriculture institution in Saudi Arabia after researching in this country.

The manufacturer company in Saudi Arabia cultivating many organic products. It is the unique organic date manufacturer.

Elhamra Import & Export is proud of bringing the first certificated organic dates to Turkey and also it expands trade capacity to Saudi Arabia with this agreement.
Our company recognize negligence for distributing this fruit which has all vitamins that is necessary for a human body. It tries to represent organic dates with good quality and hygienic package. Our company which aims at meeting to consumers in the markets wants to sell its products via its web page.

Our company follows all orders carefully and distribute the product to anywhere in Turkey quickly.

We would like to sell our products not in Ramadan month only but also throughout the year. Our aim is to make organic date a product that is consumed throughout the year.

Our company continues making research other organic food to represent to Turkish consumers.

Best Wishes for natural and healthy life!


Elhamra Foreign Trade

Address:Türk Ali Mahallesi Mecit Ali Sokak 14/B Beşiktaş / İSTANBUL / TURKEY

Phone: +90 212 299 90 03


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