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organik hurmaThe certificated organic date is now in Turkey!

Elhamra Import &Export Company introduce organic and ecological date to Türkiye for the first time. Indispensable guest in our Ramadan meal is coming to your home from Saudi Arabian exuberant gardens without chemical fertilizer and without hormone. The organic dates with different lusciousness and in special boxes are presented to Turkish people.

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hurmaWhat about going to the gardens in which our dates are cultivated

Our dates which are cultivated with ecological agriculture in gardens in Saudi Arabia… Please come in to visit our gardens.

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organik tarım logosuOur certificates

Organic agriculture is an alternative way of production which fights with agricultural diseases and harmful organisms without endangering the health of other living beingsand disturbing the ecological balance. In short, it aims to protect natural sources while producing foods which are freed of any harmful things causing diseases. Elhamra Import &Export has all certificates for importing, selling and distributing organic products.

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Elhamra Foreign Trade

Address:Türk Ali Mahallesi Mecit Ali Sokak 14/B Beşiktaş / İSTANBUL / TURKEY

Phone: +90 212 299 90 03


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