4 Aug 2008
Elhamra, introduces organic dates to Turkey. Details are coming soon at our web site.

3 Aug 2008
Our web site renewed.

The certificated organic date is now in Turkey!

Elhamra Import & Export Company introduce organic and ecological date to Türkiye for the first time. Indispensable guest in our Ramadan meal is coming to your home from Saudi Arabian exuberant gardens without chemical fertilizer and without hormone. The organic dates with different lusciousness and in special boxes are presented to Turkish people.

The manufacturer company is the leader firm in agriculture and especially date production sector in Saudi Arabia. This firm deserved ISO 9001 in 1998. This company is the first and unique date production firm which deserved EcoCert certificate in 2001 in Saudi Arabia.

It is the leader in organic and ecologic agriculture in Saudi Arabia. Our import and export company is the distributing agent of this firm.

Visit our organic dates web site...

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